Our Services

Custom design and Fabrication

Sunbee mornio Enterprise (SME), providing excellent services and Custom-made design based on customer requirements. we fabricate the products exactly right your needs, no matter how small, large or complex.

Measure and Consultation

We provide best door step free consultation and measurements for your canopies and awnings to your specifications. We providing best measuring services for your vehicles.


We provide the installation service for your canopies, tent, truck, lorry, shelters and awnings.

Repair and Alternation

Sunbee mornio Enterprise (SME), offer a complete range of repair services to enable you to make the most of your canvas products. Whether there are rips, holes or tears in your lorry/ truck canvas, canopy, tents, shelters and canvas shelters. Furthermore, we replace the zips on your tent, holes on the canopies, buckles, add or less rings, add straps, and many more. We modify the size of canopies, tents, shelters according to the customer needs. we can carry out repairs, modify and alterations for an outcome that reflects the high standards of our workmanship.


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