Lorry Canvas

Heavy-duty, waterproof covers made of canvas or synthetic materials like PVC or polyethylene. They are used to protect cargo from weather conditions, dust, and theft during transportation. Lorry tarpaulins come in various sizes and can be custom-made to fit specific lorry dimensions.

Wheel drive canvas

Custom Built Canvas Canopies are resilient additions to your vehicle. They are waterproof and will keep the bakkie bed bone dry and safe in wind and rain. The canvas is made to resist high wind speed while driving, so the material comes with toughness built in. the material is long lasting and secure and protect your belonging is your bakkie and its also low maintenance. its also easy to install and can able to travel with or without the canopies.

Pyramid Canopy

Pyramid Canopy Tent is one of the most popular choices for various kinds of events. As the Canopy Supplier in Malaysia, our Pyramid Canopy Tent can be adapted to be any size, design, shape and color. Be it a birthday party or a grand ceremony, our Pyramid Canopy Tent save your events from unpredictable weather, especially in the equatorial zone like Malaysia, which is hot and wet all year round.

Canopy Size
20X20 20X15 20X10 18X18
16X16 15X15 10X15 10X10

Color Option

Arabian Canopy

Our Arabian canopy is made of best quality material as you could never imagine, As the best canopy manufacturer, we only produce quality canopies that economical, durable, long lasting and eye pleasing. Our Arabian canopy comes with various size, and various material such as, transparent Arabian canopy, silver white canopy and multi choice of colors. This canopy can be used for companies for storage place with side wall protected form rain and wind.

Canopy Size
20X20 20X15 20X10 18X18
16X16 15X15 10X15 10X10

Semi Shape Canopy

We Supply Custom Made-to-Measure Outdoor Blinds for Residential & Commercial. This kind of canopy has a significant advantage which is the large ceiling area.

It allows maximum flexibility for installation of fan, lighting and also make the events decoration a breeze. Enquire Now! Contact Us Now For a Free Quotation and Catalog.

Showroom Available for Viewing Samples. Free Site Measurement. Unbeatable Deals. High Quality Fabrics.

Gardening Tent

We are a leading brand that specializes in manufacturing and supplying high-quality and durable gardening tents, which are ideal for growing plants indoors. These tents are designed with specialized features such as height extensions, interlocking frames, heavy-duty zippers, double-stitched fabric, and reflective interiors, which ensure that they provide an optimal growing environment.

Marquee tent/ Khemah Besar

Marquee, among others, is the most majestic and robust tent. It is ideal for any event, especially luxurious events. Marquee can be decorated into very beautiful and classy mode. In order to host any type of event without any hassle, you should always find a reliable Marquee Tent supplier in Malaysia. Marquees are usually enclosed with side walls to ensure privacy and acoustic comfort.

Dome Canopy

Dome canopy is creative design to give sophisticated look.

We customize you shelter to fit your needs. The canopy is constructed from
high-quality painted or galvanized metal steel and durable canvas.

Standard Color: White, Red, Blue, Transparent & etc.

A-Shape Canopy

All our products such as canopies, tents and shades are custom-made. If you have any enquiries, please contact us for more information and we’ll assist you in what you need.

No interior poles structure design ,to give 100% use of interior space . Easy to assemble and demount .Convenient to transport and storage .


There are many types of materials used to create awning, such as metal, polycarbonate, steel, glass, and canvas. For different occasion, different awning material is used for different purpose. For porch at home, the most common type of awning is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate allows the sunlight comes in without feeling the hits.

Multipurpose Kolam Ikan

- Easy Solution for coverage at Economical Price
- Ready-made canvas sheet with grommets / eyelets along all sides
- 100% Waterproof - Sunproof
- Korean technology
- Many Sizes available, custom-made orders are welcomed
- Also available in Roll form

Cargo Cover & Shelters

Cargo Cover & Shelters Cargo covers and shelters are a must-have for anyone in the shipping or construction industries, as they protect valuable goods and equipment from the elements.

We can provide you with high-quality products specifically tailored to meet your needs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We are one of the most trusted and highly recommended suppliers of cargo covers and shelters in Kuala Lumpur. We offers a wide range of cargo covers and shelters made from high-quality materials.

Transparent Honeycomb

We are a one-stop solution for all your transparent honeycomb construction needs. With our efficient and professional team, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch quality honeycomb structures that meet all your requirements.

We specialize in supplying, manufacturing, and installing clear and customized honeycomb structures for a variety of purposes, such as soundproofing, insulation, and decoration.

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, and our Honey comb sheet come with a limited warranty to ensure your peace of mind.

Boxes / heavy-duty trolleys

Fabrication box / trolley for your comfort storage goods without damaging. Trolley is convinnient to move or lift the goods in the warehouse.

We have:
-4 tier trolley
-5 trier trolleys
-6 tiers trolleys
-8 tiers trolley
-10 tier trolley

Lorry body fabrication/ Repair Service

We are specialists in fabrication new truck body frame work and repair with full set painting. We are specialist in refurbishing and restoration in wooden and metal and aluminum body works. Get a quality service with us.